Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Very Long and Overdue Eclectic Post!

OMG! 2 WHOLE WEEKS!!!! I've been gone for 2, very long weeks. Oh how i've missed this!
Just a forewarning this is going to be a LONG post with LOTS of pictures and some rambly-rambles.

First, I want to show you a polish I had on about a week ago. This is Malt by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.
I honestly was not a fan of this nailpolish. It was more the brush than the formula. These polishes have the same brush as the Sally Hansen Insta Dri which I also hate. It's a thick,wide,and flat brush with a sort of pointed tip, and the brush also distributes way to much polish. I have to be constantly wiping the excess off. I have really small nails, and the brush is just to difficult for me to use. So, unfourtunately, I will be buying any more of either of these nailpolishes.   
**on a side note I was really happy that I got this on sale at Target for $3. So if you like these check out your Target clearance section.

Now, I have for you a polish from this week. It's one of my favorites from the peach/coral family. It is Peachy #405 by Revlon Top Speed.

These are with flash
I love this color! It is the perfect peach/coral. Everytime I use it I fall back in love! I only need two coats, and these revlon Top Speed really do dry fast. I love it!

This is with lamp light

This is with no flash and flourescent light

-----So just an FYI... I hate my cuticles! I swear I have abnormal cuticles that grow at superspeed. When I used to get my nails done, the asian ladies would always say "you have so much skin, so much skin", then show me all the cuticle skin, and I would get so grossed out! If anyone reccommends a good cuticle remover let me know!! :)-----

OK! So now I want to show yall some quick pictures I snapped of my little-baby collection. I currently only have about 57 nailpolishes. 

These are all my nudes,browns and metallics. All names will come in a later post soon!

These are all my greens and blues. Probably my favorites of my entire collection.

These are all my pinks, reds, and purples.

Corals and oranges.
Here's a picture of my entire baby collection. It might be huge to my friends and family, but my collection compared to other bloggers... is shameful.

I pinky promise I will never stay away this long again I will be a commited blogger, and will have some new polishes soon.
Later Y'all!
- Stephanie

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