Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nail of the Day

I felt so bad not posting for a whole week, but I have two looks for you today!

On Saturday I did Essie's Exposure (which, I might say, I got for 99 cents at Ulta!), and Revlon's White on White with Ulta brand's Pinata glitter:

I wasn't too fond of this look when I first finished it, but it grew on me after having it on a while. Exposure by Essie is the absolute perfect Barbie pink shade! Its a cool-toned pink with purple undertones. It went on really well, two coats was great. Revlon's White on White was bad, but I expected that since it is a white. It took three coats to make it opaque. Lastly, Ulta brand's Pinata was a serious let down! The gel of glitter was so thick, and there wasn't much glitter per swipe.

Here's a closer shot of the glitter:

Now, I did my nails today with a nailpolish I wasn't too excited about trying because I felt like it resembled one I already have but, WOAH! Once I put it on it blew my mind! Here, ladies and gents, is Thataway by China Glaze:

It is a beautiful orange with lots of shimmer to it. I feel like it might almost be metallic its so shimmery. I love it! I definetly needed two coats, one coat was see through. Two thick coats were perfect.

The color I thought it resembeled is Brazilliant by Essie. Here's a picture:

**not my picture

They are very different. Brazilliant is alot darker with gold shimmer to it. Thataway is just full of shimmer, not just flecks of it like Brazilliant. Thataway has to be my hands down favorite orange.

Later Y'all!

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