Sunday, July 17, 2011

NOTD and a Mini Review

Soooo, I literally just finished my nails, and I thought 'great time for a post'. I tried a new one and it sparked a little rant in my head that I just gotta get out! BUT first heres the color: It is Sea Spray by China Glaze. It's a really pretty light-blue/grey. I looked in my collection to see if i had anything close to it, and the greys I had were too dark, and the light-blues, too blue. This color is a happy 'In-between'. Also, this color was a one coater for me, but not fabulous to apply. This is what got my mind going!

Here's some without flash. In this instance, I feel like the pictures with flash are more true to color than without flash.

NOW for my rant! I only own about four or five China Glaze nailpolishes, and I have to say im not a huge fan. Particulary with this polish, I had lots of trouble with the brush. It was pretty stiff, and I had to constantly wipe off the excess polish because the top portion of the brush holds so much polish. I would be painting my nails, and all of a sudden, a huge dot of polish is on my nail! But other than the brush, I have been having a hit or miss situation with China Glaze. The very first one I bought was For Audrey and I loved it! So that made me want to buy more, but the next one I bought called Flip Flop Fantasy (a really pretty neon-pink) was a huge let down, and the next one I bought was Sexy and the City, and I loved it! So-on and so-on it has gone on like this, and I dont know if i'll be repurchasing any China Glaze polishes, but who knows! I just saw swatches of their Fall 2011 Metro Collection and maybe i'll give them a few more tries.

Sorry for the rant! :)
I know I've only been doing NOTD post but I promise im going to start changing it up a bit soon!

Thanks Yall!

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